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AeroHana Shelter

AeroHana Shelter

7 reviews

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Aerodynamic shelters made to last summer after summer. Easily carry an AeroHana to the beach and provide enough shade for 4-6 people. Designed and assembled in Shalimar, Fl


Canopy: Ripstop nylon w/ a polyurethane coating for water resistance.

Structure: Impact resistant PVC, heavy duty fiberglass & aluminum poles.


Packed Length: 36 in

Deployed Coverage: 8ft x 8ft

Shelter Weight: 20 lb

Care Instructions

Set-up shelter in direction of wind - see instructions for details.

Do not store canopy while wet. Do not use near flame source.

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An Aerodynamic Wonder

When pointed into the wind, these beach shelters are built to handle serious abuse. Our durable, patent-pending design provides unprecident sun coverage while minimizing the risk of flying away - all with the use of a small sand-filled anchor bag. Windy or not, we've got you covered.

Now Every Day is a Beach Day

  • Made to Last

    You know how pop-up shelters aren't really considered long lasting items? We thought it'd be really cool if you didn't have to buy a new one every season.

  • Made with Quality

    We didn't go cheap at the hardware store. Every part, down to the stainless steel lock nuts, is designed to provide lasting value.

Rock Solid Base

Hand carved from pressure rated, incredibly durable PVC. All edges sanded to provide a smooth finish.

Heavy Duty Poles

Robust fiberglass and aluminum poles designed to flex under extreme conditions.

Rust Resistant Fittings

Stainless steel fixtures ensure a long life on the beach. Locking nuts prevent anything from coming loose. 

Ripstop Nylon Canopy

Durable, waterproof and wind tested. These canopies are designed to last.

  • Design Focused

    We did our best to make sure every part was pulling its weight - from the tent base serving as the carrying case to the anchor bags storing the canopy.

  • Simple Usability

    Some things are intricate and some things just keep working. Our straps and end cap are the latter.

Multi-Use Anchor Bags

Carries your canopy when packed up, anchors your shelter when deployed.

No-Stick Cap

Unique end cap connection designed for easy opening.

Additional Rear Anchor

Deployable rear strap and anchor for increased stability.

Set & Forget Straps

Simple strap adjustments that maintain their setting between uses.

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Patti L.

Cool Tent!

Tbh. It’s kinda pricey but WORTH IT! I’ve been using this whenever I go to the beach and springs with my family and we loved it! Easy and durable.

Mike S.
United States United States

Definitely worth it

This is a long review, but this shelter is definitely worth it. This is a solid shelter that has made going to the beach a lot more relaxing! We used to use a cheap umbrella shoved into the sand that would almost certainly blow away unless there was zero wind. When I found out about this concept, a tent that doesn't have poles or steaks that have to be shoved into the ground, AND can withstand high winds, I was all about it. It takes some focus to learn how to put it up the first time, but after that it's super easy. The biggest plus of this tent is how I can easily move it when it's set up, which is critical on a day long Beach hangout. As the sun moves in the sky, people with other tents lose their shade and have to move all the chairs and coolers if they want to remain in the shade from their umbrella or tent that is stuck in the ground. With the aerohana, since it's not steaked into the ground, I just move it a foot and keep the shade where I'm sitting all day. It's quite amazing how it can withstand high winds, something very few other tents truly can. And the ones that can withstand high winds, usually require some amount of wind to stay up. This tent doesn't NEED any wind. Best of both worlds. This tent has made me WANT to go to the beach more bc I now I'll have plenty of shade and can relax. Which is important with small kids. And we've used it other places than the beach. It can be set up on like a pontoon boat or at a kids soccer game or even in a driveway for a family gathering. It's also cool how almost every time it's up, people come by to admire it and ask about it. It's cool to brag about how it's florida designed and made. Highly recommend, you won't regret it! The owner is super kind and has reached out to ensure his product is still making his customer happy. Which it is!

Nina D.
United States United States

OBX must have!!!!

The AeroHana has been a life saver in the Outer Banks! Even with the crazy winds this shelter does not flap, move or fall over. We practiced setting up a couple times before we brought it out on the beach which made set up a breeze once we made it out there. People next to us on the beach were even so impressed they wanted to know where we got it from. If you want a sun shelter that will last for years to come, look no further this is the one!

Vincent H.
United States United States


We use this on the beach and our boat. The concept allows us to set up anywhere and is easy stowed when on the move.

Laura D.
United States United States

Love my AeroHana!!

This product works and survives any wind on the Carolina beaches! My family always rented canopies, and I purchased an AeroHana as a backup option. It paid for itself in one week— we had a particularly windy beach week where the canopies kept getting taken down, but the AeroHana survived it all!